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Anti-inflammatory, cure ulcers, obstruction improve skin; cure colds, coughs, tuberculosis, asthma, fever, sterilization, relieve muscle pain, nephritis, gonorrhea, diabetes help; concentrate, increase vitality, the mind calm.

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Chinese name : 尤加利精油(又名桉树精油)
English name : Eucalyptus
Latin name : Eucalyptus Citriodora
Place of Origin: Eucalyptus Citriodora
Extracts: Leaves
Extraction Method: Distillation
Qualities: clear, pale yellow after precipitation , smell fresh and penetrating , with camphor wood unique flavor
Volatile : Fast
Main components: cineol , linalyl ene , camphor, fennel terpenes, terpene grapefruit oil
Main effects: anti-inflammatory , cure ulcers, obstruction improve skin ; cure colds, coughs , tuberculosis , asthma, fever , sterilization, relieve muscle pain, nephritis , gonorrhea , diabetes help ; concentrate, increase vitality , the mind calm.
Eucalyptus oil can be strong annihilate bacteria, is effective in treating the common cold naturopaths party . ( Totally not harm the body ) and fresh atmosphere conducive to restore the respiratory system and the immune system. Is mosquito bites, cuts, burns and other medicine. Enhance attention and willpower to eliminate laziness and emotional appetite . Suitable often feel tired people.
Skin effect: skin burns a significant effect, preventing the growth of bacteria and empyema , promote construction of new tissue ; cuts, wounds, ulcers and inflammation , all was well after use eucalyptus .
Physiological effects:
Antiviral effect on the respiratory most effective , can ease inflammation , so that the nasal mucosa and comfortable;
Effect on fever , can reduce body temperature, the body cool ; also eliminate body odor , improve migraine ;
It also helps the genitourinary system can improve cystitis and diarrhea.
Eucalyptus has a strong antibacterial effect , the treatment of colds, influenza , bronchitis, catarrh and viral infection most popular essential oils, the use of a lot. This oil also applies to neurological problems, fatigue and ill infirmary , but also as a stimulant of the nervous system . In addition, the use of eucalyptus oil rheumatism have good effect , the most common product is medicated oil massage . According to the study Tello Seuss (Trosus) made by physicians showed eucalyptus hypoglycemic effect, so he used eucalyptus treatment of hypertension and diabetes. He said: Eucalyptus leaves dipped just drinking the juice can make the urine sugar to normal levels.
Psychological effect: the effect on emotional calm , make the mind clear and focused.
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Skin Care : 1 drop of eucalyptus , wash your face every morning , put it in the wash water droplets , deposited by flooding face with a towel for 3-5 minutes , increase the oxygen content of the skin , open pores, eliminate acne , to yellow whitening.
* Relieve nasal congestion and headaches : 5-8 drops of eucalyptus / 2-3 drops trickle of steaming hot water in a pot , put the head with a towel and a basin covered with inhaled heartily Yuga Lee aroma steam for 5-10 minutes , treat colds, nasal congestion , headache / another method is to put 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil drops a piece of cotton sheet , direct inhalation of eucalyptus oil from cotton sheet , also similar effects can be obtained . Another method is to take the base oil 1ML drip 2 drops eucalyptus oil , then smear on the chest and back , usually 10 minutes to improve nasal congestion , headache symptoms.
* Wipe out bacteria and purify the air : 20 drops of eucalyptus + pure water 50ml, adding eucalyptus oil in pure water , shake the spray in the air , eucalyptus essential oil and other ingredients will Phellandrene and oxygen in the air ozone exposure , thereby eliminating bacteria, purify the air effect.
* Eliminate muscle soreness : 4 drops of eucalyptus + 3 drops of lavender , dropped into hot tub / barrel , in which case the aroma of essential oils will be distributed in the air slowly , while bathing in the side heartily distribute inhalation aroma in the air , so that the body open every pore , body muscles in warm water can be completely relaxed , fatigue, skin, leaving faint aroma wilderness after bath , whole body relaxed and comfortable, and can disinfect the skin, eliminating body negative energy , increase resistance.
* Improve skin : massage , promote wound healing, improve blocking skin.
Aloe eucalyptus oil 30 ml + 4 + drops + 4 drops of lavender 3 drops of tea tree
* Respiratory tract infections: using aromatherapy vaporizer inhalation , most antibacterial essential oils , for pandemic flu , other infectious diseases and effective.
2 drops of eucalyptus pine 2 drops + + 1 drop benzoin
* Urinary infections: bath , reduce urethritis.
Eucalyptus 4 drops frankincense + 2 + 2 drops of tea tree drops
* Muscle soreness : the body and massage oil to improve the media reconcile blood circulation, eliminate muscle soreness , improve wound inflammation and ulceration ; massage the chest then for asthma, bronchitis and colds curative.
Sweet almond oil 30 ml + 6 drops of eucalyptus 5 drops of lavender + + Chamomile 4 drops
* Eucalyptus oil can help heal burn wounds
* Eucalyptus oil can easily remove oil stains on clothes stained focal
* 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil drops on a handkerchief and then inhale deeply to relieve discomfort caused by inflammation of the nasal mucosa
With essential oils : lavender ( offset eucalyptus oil pungent taste ) , lemon, lemongrass , thyme, juniper ( increased dry smell ) .
Note: hypertension , epilepsy patients and pregnant women, infants and young children hanged.

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