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Improve dry skin, increase flexibility, eliminate swelling, burns, inflammation, eczema; may be a headache, neuralgia and pain, improve gastrointestinal discomfort, reduce diarrhea, ulcers, vomiting and other symptoms; has a pass through effect, reduce menstrual pain, menstrual regularity .

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Chinese name : 洋甘菊精油
English name : Roman Chamomile
Latin name : Anthemis nobilis
Place of Origin: Rome
Extracts: flowers
Extraction Method : Distillation , oil yield is about 1.7%
Odor: sweet smell , a bit like apple flavor. Color light green , clear , with a water -like viscosity.
Chemical composition : The main chemical ingredient Roman chamomile essential oils pinene or pinene, camphene, sabinene , myrcene , eucalyptol , pine spirits terpinene , Carnation ( terpenes ) ene.
The main effect : to improve dry skin , increase flexibility, eliminate swelling , burns , inflammation , eczema ; may be a headache , neuralgia , and toothache , improve gastrointestinal discomfort, reduce diarrhea , ulcers , vomiting and other symptoms ; has pass through effect , reduce menstrual pain , regular menstruation .

Chamomile anger , and emotional unpleasant Jizao good effect in the treatment of PMS symptoms before (PMS) and other aspects of menstruation, menopause problems are of great value ; excellent effect on the skin , not only smooth and soothing effect , and treatment of skin and tissue regeneration.
Chamomile essential oil is one of the most gentle , very suitable for children. 2-3 drops of bath can ease children due to exams , study the pressure , improve mood irritable and sensitive child .
This oil is very good with the children , when they Jizao mood , lack of patience in teething or colic disease when harm . If women are used to relieve unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual . Generally , for the treatment of abdominal pain, cholecystitis and throat infections are also effective. In addition, can relieve allergies , hay fever and asthma . For the skin, which can be used to treat acne, eczema, rashes , wounds, dermatitis, dry and itchy skin, as well as general allergic condition . For infants, you can use a very low dose levels of dilution to quell the anger and relieve teething pain. Also have therapeutic colic , dysentery and stomach cramps effect.
Both emotional and physical effects of gentle , has good efficacy in the treatment of various types of inflammation , inflammation regardless of inside and outside . Treatment of urinary tract calculi ( bladder stones ) the desired effect. In addition, it can stimulate the liver and gallbladder function , which can promote digestion . In the treatment of menstrual and menopausal problems , there are also good results. For use on the skin , will produce miraculous results that can slow redness , dry skin problems and allergies , for sensitive , eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems are also a variety of peeling effect .
Ancient medical backward, to bring people with sensitive skin suffering is enormous. Chamomile as a gift of God -like appearance , and until today , as long as the skin to relieve allergy problems , chamomile or was first mentioned. This seemingly ordinary small white flowers, long revered as "the most gentle skin strength" , even the baby's tender skin can be used. Because of its soothing, can be used with many strong efficacy of essential oils and skin care products to use , while improving the skin to ease the discomfort .
Medically, Chamomile not only can relieve muscle pain, neuralgia , headaches and other pain, more intimate, but also ease the physical pain , is often used to improve premenstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms.
Mind: soothing effect that can relieve anxiety, tension , anger and fear , people relaxed patient , I feel peaceful. Relieve anxiety , let the mind calm, very helpful for insomnia .
Physical effects :
Chamomile analgesic function. Muffled ease the muscle pain, especially pain caused by nervous tension , lower back pain is also helpful. The same effect can calm headaches, neuralgia , toothache and earache .
Can rule menstruation, relieve menstrual pain, is often used to relieve all the annoying symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome .
Make the stomach comfort , reduce gastritis , diarrhea , colitis , ulcers , vomiting , flatulence , colitis , intestinal discomfort and various diseases . It is said to also help liver problems , jaundice and genitourinary abnormalities improve pipeline .
Persistent infection can be improved , because the manufacture of chamomile can stimulate white blood cells , and thus resist bacteria, strengthen the immune system , fight anemia is also quite effective.
Skin effect:
Relieve burns , blisters , inflamed wounds, ulcers and more. Help improve eczema, acne , herpes , psoriasis, ultra- sensitive skin and allergies in general . Calm broken capillaries , increase flexibility, easy to dry itchy skin is excellent. Eliminate swelling , strengthen the organization , it is very good purify skin care products .
For dry , sensitive skin excellent ; the treatment of acne, herpes, eczema, ringworm , broken capillaries have a good effect; may be used to protect the face of the most sensitive eye skin cream used to do good .
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Chamomile Lavender can be used as an alternative to the use of massage or bath blend can improve sleep , especially for people who rely on drugs to sleep , it is best not to have consecutive 3-4 weeks with the same kind of oil, you can use with stop regularly exchange .
* Chamomile essential oil efficacy Tips : You can make calm , relaxed, Ching Cheong respiratory system, can repair sensitive , redness, eczema , acne skin. Ants can treat insect bites . Can relieve headache , gastritis , diarrhea, and muscle pain, menstrual pain, toothache , etc., for the liver , anemia and immune system problems also have a good effect.
* Eliminate prickly heat : the pot into the bath salts, chamomile infusion , 3 drops each of lavender essential oil , even after reconcile with water into the tub , soak for 15 minutes, or diluted in plant grape seed oil , rubbed the affected area that ease the discomfort.
* Relieve dry skin : The chamomile, geranium oil 6 drops each , and lavender , lemon essential oil 3 drops diluted in 30ml of each base oil , mix, pour in the palm , apply on dry skin can lubricate the skin.
* Vaporizer or vaporizer
Roman chamomile essential oil used in the steam treatment , to treat nervous system disorders, headaches and migraine headaches.
* Add ingredients to make a massage oil or tub
Roman chamomile compound can also be used in massage oil , or diluted in the tub , helps allergies , anorexia, addiction, hernia pain, back pain , muscle pain , arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders and postpartum depression, improving symptoms ; while chamomile asthma , measles , mumps , PMS ( pre-menstrual unpleasant symptoms ) , menopausal symptoms and rheumatism have effect.
* Make lotions and creams ingredients
Roman chamomile skin cream composition made when the diaper to treat eczema , burns and sunburn , chamomile and effective for general care of skin , especially for sensitive skin .
* Do mouthwash ingredients
Roman chamomile essential oil mouthwash ingredients can do for sore gums and tonsillitis effective .
    * Sensitive Skin : twice a day , apply an appropriate amount and massage.
Sweet almond oil 10 ml + 3-5 drops of chamomile
* Dry and sensitive skin : twice a day , apply an appropriate amount and massage.
Sweet almond oil 10 ml + + Chamomile 3 drops sandalwood 2 drops
* Improve Eczema one: wash your face morning and evening , apply a face with a towel by five minutes , has the effect of soothing and convergence .
Drop of chamomile in the wash water .
* Improve Eczema Skin II: 2-3 times a day directly applied to the local lesion, the therapeutic effect of its anti-inflammatory convergence significantly .
Chamomile essential oil 10 drops of sweet almond oil + 5 ml
* Improve the sensitive and fragile skin : Apply on the skin every day.
Chamomile essential oil added to skin care products ( such as cream ) mixed at a ratio of : 1 drop of essential oil to 3-5 grams moisturizers
* Improved water chapped and peeling skin : massage , can improve water and chapped and peeling skin.
Chamomile essential oil 3 drops rose oil + 2 drops of geranium essential oil 1 drop + + 5-8 ml sweet almond oil
* Improve oil and dry skin : You can balance oil secretion, increase the skin's own moisture .
3 drops of chamomile essential oil + 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil facial massage +5 ml grapeseed oil
Ylang essential oil or a solution in 10 ml 2 chamomile flower water , sprayed on the skin.
    * Relax muscle pain after exercise : Massage
Chamomile 5 drops of sweet almond oil 20ml + + + 3 drops lavender 2 drops of Marjoram
* Stomach discomfort: abdominal massage therapy bloating .
Chamomile 5 drops of sweet almond oil 20ml + + + 2 drops of ginger 2 drops of nutmeg
* Joint Massage : arthritis , tendon sprains , joint pain
Chamomile 10 drops of sweet almond oil 40ml + + + gin 7 drops 1 drop Sandalwood
* Women care : massage , pass through agents, treatment too little blood , menstrual pain , irregular menstruation , uterine bleeding , vaginitis , genital itching.
Chamomile 5 drops of sweet almond oil 20ml + + + 3 drops Rose 2 drops of geranium
* Appease emotions : incense , relieve anxiety, insomnia, depression, anxiety and tension .
Chamomile 4 drops Neroli 3 drops + + 2 drops of cedar
* Baby Massage : To help baby massage , gentle chamomile essential oil is preferred.
3 drops of sweet almond oil 20ml + Chamomile + 2 drops of lavender
With essential oils : bergamot , sage, lavender, geranium , jasmine, tea , grapefruit , rose, lemon and ylang ylang essential oils. Geranium : to reconcile the strong smell of chamomile oil . Lavender : strengthening its calming effect . Sage : Enhanced sedative effect of chamomile .
Note: pregnant women, disabled .

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