Juniper Berry Essential Oil 杜松果精油


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Juniper diuretic, detoxifying and anti-corrosion features have been known when the body has too much toxic waste must be ruled out, the juniper oil has become very valuable. Genitourinary its particularly strong affinity with Shun tune, clean, sterilize and exciting features that are best suited to inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract stones oil treatment.

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Chinese Name:杜松精油
English name : Juniperberry
Latin name : Juniper communis
Place of Origin: Nepal
Extracts: fruit
Refine by: distilling its blue berries
Features: Color is almost colorless, like taste and pine needles , but relatively not so pungent.
Main effects: improving the clogged pores , dermatitis, eczema , abscesses ; potent diuretic , weight loss and detoxification function , remove uric acid ; relieve gout , sciatica, joint pain ; able to clean the blood , regular menstruation, menstrual pain.
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Lose weight : 3 drops of juniper essential oil + 2 drops of cypress essential oil + 5 ml of sweet almond oil massage obese site, or a combination of saunas ( or light bath ) , you can have good results .
* For acne , dermatitis, greasy dirty skin: juniper essential oil 1 drop , drop in a pot of cold water using a towel as a cold, or drop in a pot of hot water used for hot towels , essential oils can also be added to the juniper makeup water sprayed on the face, often used to treat acne and skin inflammation and astringent , mediation oil secretion , leaving skin clean and white .
* Add 4 drops of juniper essential oil 4 drops of rosemary essential oil in 20ml of base massage oil to massage the face can slow hangover caused nausea and headaches .
* Add 4 drops of juniper and 4 drops of orange essential oil in 20ml of base massage oil, massage the abdomen can slow the discomfort caused by heartburn .
* For inner restlessness or menopausal depression : juniper essential oils for aromatherapy bath 3-5 drops , then 2 drops juniper essential oil + 1 drop of lavender essential oil Neroli essential oil 1 drop + + 5 ml of sweet almond oil , making the head and neck Department and shoulder relaxation massage can soothe nerves, relieve depression .
* Use 4 drops of juniper essential oils can relieve leg cramps so hot pain .
* When muscles sprains, 4 drops of juniper essential oil with a cold compress and raise the affected area .
* Add 5 drops of juniper in bath oils to relax stiff muscles after exercise .
Suitable places:
Study : Taste of wood and coniferous forest , giving it the feeling of the heart can inspire sincerity and positive attitude.
Workspace: The same qualities also fit to go to work in the area , this is a very pragmatic smell, you want to believe it is the essence of employees at work !
With sex :
Rosemary essential oils of juniper essential oils can enhance the effect of stimulation and redness ; citrus essential oils can enhance its sedative effect ; rose oil can make it smell sweet.
Note: kidneys , pregnant disabled.

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