geranium essential oil 天竺葵精油


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Known for many skin care benefits, as aiding in the relief of cold sores, shingles, minor wounds, burns, and fungal infections and the like. It is astringest and haemostatic, indicated for circulatory complaints such as fluid retention, spider veins and haemorrhoids and is a mild emmenagogue for menstrual complants, such as PMT. It is also useful as a liver and pancreatic stimulant.

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Chinese name : 天竺葵精油(又名香叶精油)
English name : Geranium
Latin name : Pelargonium graveolens
Place of Origin: India
Extracts: distillation of flowers and leaves
Aroma : intense sweetness comprehensive , composite rose and mint flavor .
Main effects: balance sebum secretion , improve pore blockage , frostbite , so pale rosy skin vitality ; regulating hormones have effect on premenstrual syndrome , menopausal problems , diuretic , detoxifying ; relieve stress , soothe anxiety , depression, so psychological balance.
Geranium about 60 cm , pink flowers , leafy front end was pointed and serrated , mosaic comes from the distillation of essential oils , taste a little like roses , so often masquerading as rose oil , but under the fine smell , geranium with lemon respectively . The main origin of the southwest Indian Ocean near Madagascar, Reunion Island , a good French, Moroccan production quality, but also the Spanish production, oil is yellow-green .
Skin effect:
The main function of skin tone is geranium , geranium extract the active ingredient has a strong natural affinity for the organic lipid . Geranium almost suitable for all skin conditions.
You can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, pale skin after use will be more vibrant red , glossy and delicate skin .
Suitable for all skin types to balance sebum secretion , skin plump ;
On the loose, clogged pores and oily skin is also very good , called one kind of comprehensive cleansing oil ;
Geraniums can promote blood circulation, so pale skin more vibrant rosy ;
Likely to eczema, burns , herpes zoster , herpes, ringworm and frostbite beneficial . Geranium oil can make frostbite quickly subsided.
Psychological effect: soothe anxiety , depression, also boosted sentiment ; affect the adrenal cortex , so that psychological restore balance , relieve stress .
Physiological effects:
* After middle age, sagging breasts inevitably concerns , chest massage is also the main component of geranium oil .
* Improve premenstrual syndrome , menopausal problems ( depression, vaginal dryness, menorrhagia ) .
* It is diuretic , but can help alleviate the symptoms of many women 's premenstrual fluid retention .
* Geranium also stimulate the lymphatic system function, this feature along with its diuretic , geranium essential oils can be used to massage to treat the symptoms of cellulitis and ankle edema . Both of these features can enhance mutual coordination of the body quickly and effectively ruled out excess fluid , in fact, essential oils of geranium tone along with liver and kidney function , and therefore can be used only in case of illness , usually use can also help us excretion.
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Problem Skin: Moca , balance sebum secretion, loose, clogged pores and oily skin is also very good , called one kind of comprehensive cleansing oil , compared with rosy skin vitality .
Grape seed oil 30 ml + + Rose Geranium 4 drops 3 drops + bergamot 2 drops .
* Urinary infections: bath , improve urinary tract infection.
3 drops geranium 2 drops juniper + + bergamot 3 drops .
* Circulatory system: massage , strengthening the circulatory system , throat and lips on the efficacy of infection , and to appease neuralgia.
Sweet almond oil 20 ml + 5 drops of geranium + Sage + 3 drops sandalwood 2 drops .
* Women care : massage , regulate hormones, improve premenstrual syndrome , menopause Adams issues , breast tenderness . .
Apricot kernel oil 20 ml + 5 drops of geranium 2 drops Neroli + + 3 drops of lavender .
* Heal emotions : incense , boost the spirit , relieve stress .
3 drops geranium 3 drops + + Grapefruit 2 drops of ylang ylang .
* Add in facial skin care products can be effective in treating acne .
* Used in incense or towel can stimulate the lymphatic system , the circulatory system strengthening of gastritis and colitis can also help.
* Remove blackheads, geranium essential oil can be added directly to a dark glass bottles and bottles of cleanser in the ratio joined by international stir all , cleansing wash more than two minutes on the nose , blackheads naturally out ( slight washable net ) , geranium is a natural remove detergents .
With essential oils : basil , bergamot, cedar , sage, grapefruit , jasmine, lavender , neroli , orange , rose, rosemary, sandalwood , chamomile, juniper . Chamomile essential oils enhance the effect of their treatment . Juniper can strengthen its sweet taste.
Note: sensitive skin and pregnant women.

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