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Herbalist regards Lavender as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Lavender is the essential oil most commonly associated with burns and healing of the skin. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties which will ease the pain of a burn and prevent infection. It also has cytophylactic properties that promote rapid healing and help reduce scarring. Lavender French is a popular choice amongst both Aromatherapists and massage therapists for its combination of therapeutic quality and pleasant floral scent.

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Chinese name : lavender essential oil
English name : Lavender
Latin name : Lavandula officinalis
Place of Origin: Provence, France
Extracts: flowers
Plant Distribution: throughout Europe , especially Western Europe, Southern Europe , the Mediterranean coast , almost all over the lavender
Origin: South of France
The main origin : France, Britain , Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, the Balkans, China has Introduced
Best Location: Provence, France , the United Kingdom Norfolk , Tasmania, Australia , Europe, the production of lavender mountains 3000 meters high . Produced in southern France lavender aromatherapy industry is recognized by the finest lavender
Extraction : steam distillation , flowers
Acquisition time : flowering
Extraction capacity: 100 kg per extract about 0.5 kg
Colour: yellow , light yellow or yellow-green
Odor: grassy notes. Clear floral, with a change in the taste of the former
Volatility: medium to fast

Lavender essential oil suitable for any skin treatment burns , sunburn, promote cell regeneration to improve the scar , balance sebum secretion ; improve acne , abscesses, eczema ; prevent baldness ; sterilization insecticide , Liver , spleen, promote gastrointestinal function , stop vomiting , improve physical issues ; improve bronchitis , asthma, laryngitis ; emotional stability , anti- depression, lower blood pressure , cure insomnia.
Psychological : because it can stabilize mood, so the abnormal mental state have a positive effect . To purify , soothe the mind , reduce anger and feeling exhausted , people can calmly face life. Because it can balance the central nervous system, so the state of panic and frustration helpful . There are obvious calm and soothing function, insomnia have a fairly good Shu Fang and spiritual comfort, unlike ordinary sleep essential oils , lavender and day use at work , not only will not have any impact too slack , but also can provide calm and balance , to provide a stable and effective work Lv emotions or mood instability to appease impatient temper quite good results.
Physiological aspects:
1 . Reduce high blood pressure , breathe, improve sleep problems. For respiratory disorders or physical pain is very effective ! Analgesic , anti-inflammatory , healing scar is well-known efficacy of lavender .
2 Lavender for burns very effective, can promote cell regeneration, keeping balance sebum secretion . Lavender is a small number of pure essential oils can be used directly in oils .
4 In addition to the emotional stress and its pressure, hypertension, irritability caused by soothing relaxing smooth muscle .
Skin & hair care :
It can promote cell regeneration, burns and sunburn treatment efficacy fame . You can also improve acne, eczema and psoriasis , cure abscesses , boils , and can inhibit the growth of mold , so that swelling, scarring , gangrene be minimized . Lavender scar healing effect, the source from which the characteristics of activated cells , in addition to , but also because it can balance oil secretion , for oily skin and oily hair , but more to provide improved. Therefore, the skin scars , eczema, fungal , abscesses, hair and scalp dandruff hair oil induced protection , it is recommended to lavender as an essential choice.
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Gynecological Antimicrobial : In case of fungal vaginitis, lavender essential oil directly ( or in a 1:1 ratio with no base oil ) , applied in the vulva and vagina, can be effective anti-inflammatory , rapid recovery.
* Clothing pest : the lavender essential oil drip a few cotton balls and put in a few corners of the closet , clothes can help pest control, and bring fresh and elegant aroma to the clothes.
* Acne : lavender essential oil directly point a little stick with a cotton swab applied on acne cure acne .
* Company meeting room : Everyone is sitting divergent thoughts , when everyone is busy interaction, debate , and even opposition. If the atmosphere arrangement can take advantage of the convergence and stability of lavender fragrance to help everyone to a common goal to make conclusions , forming an efficient, consensus conferences !
* Study: serene mind , so that its owner , whether reading or thinking of things to read , there is precipitation and stable mood.
* Bedroom ( bedtime ) : Many causes of insomnia are too busy , uncertain mind , to sleep at night time and you are running out of their sleep disturbance , so sleep is not stable, or will wake up when sleep at night , no longer sleep. If you can make lavender scent at bedtime to help you converge these messy thoughts, will be able to have a good night's sleep .
* Nervous : 3 drops of lavender , add hot water bath , or use lavender essential oil aromatherapy vaporizer .
* Stress-induced anxiety : lavender 2 drops , after a bath or diluted with lavender essential oil massage or aromatherapy vaporizer .
* Antidepressants : lavender and mint or rose oil , according to personal preferences of its kind in any mix 2 drops of essential oil for the bath or diluted with lavender essential oil massage or aromatherapy vaporizer .
* Lavender essential oil can treat headaches or sleep aids or sedation , headache , or half an hour before going to sleep when . With one of the following methods:
1 ) The lavender essential oil to their feet in the sole use lavender essential oil massage , a significant effect of sleep , sleep quality improved significantly ;
2 ) Aromatherapy oven drops 2-3 drops ;
3 ) pillow ( or drops placed on a paper towel near ) a drop on ;
4 ) 4 drops of essential oil , add the tub bath for 20 minutes.
* Burns : in boiling water or fire , such as skin burns early , quickly drops of lavender essential oil burns at both painted and forth two or three times to be all the more ;
* Abrasions or cuts : 3 drops of lavender , tea tree 3 drops of essential oil drip 90ML distilled water, is wound detergents. Shake well before using ;
* Of cough : 5 drops of lavender , 2 drops of peppermint added 30ML base oil and then gently back and chest ;
* Pandemic flu : 3 drops lavender , 2 drops of peppermint with aromatherapy vaporizer in the room .
* Laryngitis , sore throat : 1 drop of lavender , tea tree 2 drops of essential oil was added dropwise to a bowl of water (1000ML) , the issue of the superheated vapor inhalation ( 5-10 minutes ) . But also to drop on a handkerchief , a simple inhalation absorption ;
* Headache or migraine : lavender 3 drops of essential oil added 100ML cold water, cold or tap the temple to the brain . 1 drop of lavender , peppermint 5ML added dropwise a base oil, massage the temples and forehead . This recipe can also be used to aromatherapy vaporizer which will inhale the aroma .
* Leg pain : 5 drops of lavender , rosemary 10 drops of essential oils added to the above base oil 40ML then massage blood circulation manner .
* Foot , foot pain: 2 drops lavender , 2 drops rosemary , 2 drops of peppermint essential oil foot soak in hot water drip . After 10 minutes , remove the foot and leg fatigue .
* Rheumatoid arthritis :
1 ) 2 drops lavender , 2 drops of rosemary , joined with the base oil 5ML oil massage at the waist and all the joints ;
2 ) two drops of lavender , tea tree 2 drops 15ML added to the base oil , or local massage bath method.
* Muscle aches :
A ) 6 drops of lavender , rosemary 4 drops 25ML base oil was added to prepare a massage oil and massage of the pain .
2 ) 2 drops lavender , 2 drops of rosemary , 10ML after instillation of 5 to dilute vinegar or milk , pour in the bath tub .
* Hypertension: 5 drops of lavender , peppermint 4 dropping in lukewarm water for bathing, high blood pressure should not be a hot shower . Also available fumigation . Another lavender and mint can be added to the base oil 10ML 3 drops each massage .
* Bronchitis : 3 drops of lavender , ginger 3 drops for fumigation or bath .
* Lip sores : 1 drop of lavender , applied to the lips , treat cold sores . ( Note that not edible )
* Athlete's foot : 5 drops of lavender , tea tree oil 5 drops , drops of warm water foot bath with foot method.
* Beriberi : 57 drops of the essential oil , drop in a pot of warm water and soak your feet better if water plus the appropriate aromatherapy footbath salt effect.
* Motion sickness : lavender amount of directly applied to the nostrils , the solar plexus . Or drops on a tissue, direct inhalation .
* Vaginitis : 1 , 6 drops of lavender , chamomile tea or 3 drops 6 drops per day above the oil drops pots bath for about 15 minutes to cure vaginitis. 2 , adding 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil in hot water , then with a towel soaked , cleaned or mulching , can play a significant role.
* Governance insect bites : 1 drop of lavender rub with a cotton swab directly bitten place.
* Insecticide , insect bites : 30 drops of lavender , trickle 100ML base oil or a little water , rub or massage the direct way to paint on exposed skin.
* Bruises :
1 drop of lavender , 2 drops of peppermint added 5ML base oil , then smear on the bruises on .
2 drops of lavender , rosemary, 2 drops into a bowl of hot water (1000ML) hot or cold water for cooling .
* Sunburn and acne : put two drops of essential oil added to 1 ml grapeseed oil ( a base oil ) directly applied in the affected acne and sunburn site.
* For oily skin pores : put 1-3 drops of essential oil added to the morning and evening wash water , wash , soothing facial , can purify skin , astringent , pale skin , nourish skin , regulate body fragrance .
* Get rid of indoor smoke and other odors : will add 5-7 drops of essential oil in the water , sprayed in the room , furniture , flowers and sofas , eliminate odors, keep the air fresh , summer, mosquito catch flies ; drops of essential oil will waste cloth hanging in the closet or bathroom to the role of insecticide sterilization ; drops of essential oil can also be put in a pocket handkerchief , to remove body odor, body and mind soothing effect .
* Improve efficiency, enhance self : put 5 drops of essential oil added to the vaporizer water , lit aromatherapy furnace , distributed in the air and the faint scent of essential oils can stabilize mood, relieve stress, fight depression, increase enthusiasm, improve work efficiency.
* Relieve fatigue aromatherapy bath : 5-7 drops of the essential oil drops in the bath warm water bath for 15-30 minutes , soothing nerves, reduce fatigue , boost mood, increase the role of self-confidence .
* Dermatitis / acne / freckles : trickle in 10ml of base oil 5 drops of essential oil, gently massage for 15 minutes, can effectively promote skin cell regeneration , balance skin secretion.
* Drops on a cotton ball placed on the pillow can help sleep
* Drops the towel spreads on the forehead and tension headaches may be palliative pressure
* When drip 4-5 drops of bath can help skin to scar the spirit of relaxation
* With no fragrance shampoo or shower gel and body cleansing reconcile as basic health care .
* In cosmetic use, such as Pycnogenol , creams , each 10g drip rate of about 1-2 drops , you can extend the use of its antibacterial cosmetics preservation and provision of health care use.
* Lavender color similar to the "white" in the use of essential oils , almost able to reconcile with a variety of essential oils, make the best supporting role , and bring out the integration features, synergy .
* Best Shampoo Recipe: Lavender : Rosemary : clary sage = 5:3:2 , and 10 drops each hair short hair with volume and 5 drops of shampoo with no fragrance , hair forever qualitative health.
* If you are using a fairly natural grasp of distilled lavender essential oil, can be used for cooking or pickled foods .
* Five drops of lavender five drops of tea tree , the first drop in the hand , and then stroking massage pet dog at home , can prevent lice and eggs , as well as skin diseases.
Suitable reconcile with essential oils : bergamot , chamomile , sage, geranium , jasmine , lemon , orange, patchouli , juniper , thyme, rosemary.
1 hypotension , please use the right amount , so unresponsive to sleep .
2 pregnant women to avoid using !

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