Violet Essential Oil 紫罗兰精油


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Product Name: Violet oil
English name : Violet
Latin name : Viola Adorata
Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Extraction : Distillation flowers derived
Odor: dry and sweet, a bit like hay.
Chemical composition : acids District - the body of salicylic acid ; alcohols - benzyl alcohol ; ketones -Parmone; phenols - eugenol .

History and related myths :
Violet is rich in ancient Greek symbol of fertility , Athens to mark it as a badge on the banner . The Romans also value violets , put it between species in garlic, onions. Cretans put them to the skin care , they will violet flowers dipped in goat's milk , as grape seed oil to use. However, Anglo . Saxons will resist it as the savior of evil spirits .
Although it is Marie - Antoinette ( Queen of Louis XVI ) favorite perfume, Napoleon still do take Violet badge feast on him. People in the 19th century violet leaf hot parts to reduce cancer pain . To the recent period, violet sweets were made for problems chest area. Violet perfume industry uses two - Palmer and Victoria. Palmer smell more popular , but relatively strong in this century Victorian kinds increasingly popular .
Main effects: allergic help and whooping cough , especially for respiratory problems , can help sleep, migraine has a moderating role , beneficial sexual disorders , restore sexual function quite remarkable , is a strong aphrodisiac agent ; has a mild eliminate pain , pain characteristics.
Mind: its sedative properties can overcome insomnia problems , and dispelled anger, anxiety feelings. Reconstruction of the role of friendship is well known .
Physical effects :
Violet is quite compatible and kidneys , urine purification effect can play , thus contributing to cystitis , especially when acute lower back pain felt . It can also dispel the general body obstruction , laxative effect , while also induce vomiting. Often used as an antidote to the liver (elimination hyperemia ) , helps to clear jaundice and migraine.
Quite beneficial to the respiratory tract , helps allergic and whooping cough , especially suitable for respiratory problems , such as shortness of breath. Appease sore throat , hoarseness and pleurisy , biodegradable mucus , phlegm.
Yu alleviate congestion plug head , handle the sudden onset of headache and dizziness , perhaps on the issue of epilepsy can also come in handy.
Generally believed to be very powerful aphrodisiac , good for sexual disorders , restore sexual function quite famous. Should help stop some of the symptoms during menstruation , such as irritability and facial flushing and so on. Said to have analgesic effect , so they can appease rheumatism , fibroma and gout.
Skin effect : Strong antibacterial agents useful wounds, bruises , blocking skin, swelling and inflammation, but also to improve said nipple cracking.
With essential oils : citronella , frankincense , grapefruit , jasmine, lavender , lemon , orange, sandalwood , rose .

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