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Known for its benefits in strengthening and maintaining capillary circulation. Topical use can assist in relief of cold sores, tinea, acne, warts and minor wounds. With oils such as Eucalyptus Radiata, it is of benefit in respiratory complaints. Photosensitizing occurs above 2% concentration.

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Chinese name : 柠檬精油
English name : Lemon
Latin name : Citrus limonum
Place of Origin: United States of America 
Extracts: fresh peel
Aromatic Odor: pale yellow liquid , citrus aroma , fresh and fresh.
Extraction Method : cold pressed method.
Chemical composition: pinene or pinene, camphene, sabinene , laurel ( bay leaves ) ene , Pine Oil, linalool, bisabolene , limonene , nerol neral .
The main effect : to improve oily skin, skin lightening , whitening purify the skin, improve broken capillaries, go dead cells , in addition to corns, warts ; promote blood circulation, relieve varicose veins ; lowering blood pressure, improve anemia ; relieve headaches, gout , arthritis ; resistant infections, colds , fever ; aid digestion , clarification of thoughts.
Lemon oil can improve circulatory system function , including promoting blood circulation, lower blood pressure , stop nosebleed . It can boost the immune system , cleanses the body , improve the digestive system , the decomposition of cellulite , treat indigestion and constipation. Lemon essential oil has a soothing and relieve headaches and migraine headaches role, through comprehensive acidic substances in the body , the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism can also help. Also helps clean the acne, oily skin and hair clean and remove dead skin cells.
Fresh and sweet with a strong light and fresh and clean aroma, citrus inside detoxification, the best kind of deodorant effect, but also many of the perfume industry is often used as a fixative agent for a good source of flavor , lemon because sour sweet , very few people eat directly , but its inherent acidity , but it is a good antibacterial antidote , we eat seafood barbecue foods , the next will be accompanied by a regular lemon, but with lemon after Saguo seafood really fragrant, fleshy smell had disappeared completely . This is the citric acid can be converted to ammonia smell meaning , so in the seventeenth and eighteenth -century Spain and Portugal had been found to be a good wash lemon detoxification , deodorant , antibacterial effect of the hair, not only with the smell of air freshener in the mouth , or even used against malaria and typhoid fever. Lemon oil production and use regardless of fruit oils which are the largest , extracted from the peel, mining cold press method , which can boost the spirit fragrance helps to clarify thoughts , eliminating fatigue, and have the stomach to help digestion , are rich in vitamin C, B, but also has natural fruit acids for skin spots, also have a role to improve the appearance of fine lines , which can be filled skin care products .
Skin Care:
To place dead cells , bright color, tight capillaries, promote collagen production, reduce melanin, the skin on the greasy hair purify effect, can soften scar tissue ; improve oily skin , there is cleansing , astringent , balance oil secretion, the role of skin whitening ; used to remove corns, warts and warts are generally effective , it can soften scar tissue , preventing the nail bifurcated crack. Mild skin care whitening , prevent wrinkles , increase skin luster , fade freckles and help reduce oily skin sebum secretion, in addition to corns, warts aneurysm.
Physiological effects:
Excellent tonic circulatory system , the blood flow, reduce stress positions for varicose veins ; restore the vitality of red blood cells , reducing anemia phenomenon, while stimulating white blood cells that help the body against infectious diseases ; promote digestive function. Stimulate white blood cells , various types of wounds or trauma are applicable , bleeding and help heal wounds , tune along the entire digestive system, stomach, ulcer etc. have a certain effect . Conditioning of the circulatory system , especially for the treatment of varicose veins , hypertension is also applicable , prevent colds, fever , slow down skin aging, help digestion , anti- mosquito bites, inflammation of the gums , mouth ulcers.
Psychological effect:
Feeling irritable when hot , can bring a fresh feel to help clarify thoughts .
Magic recipes and practical tips :
* Incense censer and evaporator
In steam therapy, lemon oil can be used to treat colds, speechless , flu, depression, lack of energy and fatigue. In addition, it can ease the irritation can also improve attention , boost morale , fresh mind and help deal with the problem decisively .
* Compound do use massage oil or diluted in the tub
Lemon essential oil massage oil or diluted compound made for use in the tub can be used to treat digestive problems, lack of energy , fatigue , infection , influenza , obesity , rheumatism , depression, and as usual tonic.
* Do cream or lotion ingredients
When used in cream or lotion ingredient , lemon oil to clean the skin. It is particularly suitable for the convergence of oily skin . Further , it can be used for antiseptic treatment efficacy cuts , burns and minor wounds. It can be used to promote the effectiveness of redness decomposition of cellulite and acne treatment .
* Do mouthwash ingredients
Lemon essential oil diluted in water and a mild , can serve as a very good mouthwash for the treatment of mouth ulcers.
* Other uses
The value of such use fresh smell of citrus essential oils , not only in making decisions and promoting focus when, in the Bank of Japan , it is used for fresh air to alleviate work fatigue. It is also widely popular food and perfume materials .
* Whitening : the rose oil + 2 drops of lemon essential oil 2 drops Neroli essential oil 2 drops + +10 ml of jojoba oil ( jojoba oil is a base oil ) mixed shake , and then drop out every day 5 to 8 drops evenly to the face , in addition to achieve the above anti-aging , keeping skin young and elastic , it can also whiten the skin , so the skin becomes smooth and delicate, you can adjust skin sebum secretion , skin adjust to a neutral level , making the skin look pale and fresh, pleasing.
* Lose weight : local slimming massage can remove excess water , lose weight , the effect is good. 2 drops of lemon essential oil + 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil + 3 drops of rosemary essential oil + 10 ml grapeseed oil
* Skin wipes : wipe gently circular motion to remove dead skin , bright color, clean pores and cleanse the skin. Aloe vera oil 30 ml + 3 drops of lemon + Neroli 3 drops lavender 2 drops +
* Soothing mood : with aromatherapy vaporizer , bring a fresh feel . 3 drops of lemon + orange + 3 drops bergamot 2 drops
* Joint massage: relieve gout , rheumatism and arthritis. Sweet almond oil 20 ml + 5 drops of lemon gin 3 drops + + 2 drops of chamomile
* Stomach massage: eliminate constipation and improve diabetes. 20 ml of sweet almond oil + lemon + 7 drops 3 drops of nutmeg
* Respiratory / incense : Can antibacterial treatment of respiratory tract infections, such as influenza . 2 drops of lemon eucalyptus 2 drops + + 1 drop of frankincense
* Varicose veins : blood flow , reduce varicose vein pressure. 20 ml of sweet almond oil + lemon + 6 drops ylang ylang 2 drops lavender 2 drops +
* Mouthwash : eliminate mouth odor, and prevention of oral mucosal infection. 2 drops of lemon oil added 200 ml of water in the mouth
* Hair soft hair : Soak the hair and reduce the occurrence of dandruff , as well as hair , smooth hair effect. 2 drops of lemon oil into the wash basin, after a good wash hair, soak them , about 5-10 minutes.
* Mask surface covered : for oily skin , large pores conditioning . Lemon essential oil 1 drop + 1 drop of tea tree oil mixed in the washing + mask , the surface covered 15 minutes .
* Inhalation : drip 1-2 drops in a handkerchief or tissue or a bowl filled with water , the edge of the bowl with a towel and wrap the face , and slowly take a deep breath , clarify thoughts, on the face of the fumigation also helps White , slowing the aging inhibition of M. tuberculosis enhance immunity.
* Cold method: cold water drip 1-2 drops of cold water or ice cubes in a towel after the soaking, wring it spreads to the forehead and temples fever . Case of wounds or trauma can then add a drop of tea tree oil spreads in the affected area, can help stop bleeding sterilization help wound healing.
* Bath method : instillation of 1-2 drops of lemon or 1-2 drops of lemon + 2 drops of geranium ( milk diluted with 3ML ) soak for 20-30 minutes at 35 degrees Celsius hot water , can purify your complexion radiant skin and prevent wrinkles.
* Massage: 1 drop of lemon +1 +5 ml drops of geranium grape seed oil body massage , to comply with the principles of the direction of the heart , the abdomen in a clockwise direction to have the effect of stomach pain , ulcers, gout , joint pain , etc., is also very suitable for varicose veins .
Matching oils : nutmeg , eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium , jasmine, juniper , lavender, sandalwood , ylang ylang, chamomile , rose, fennel , orange blossom oil.
Note: Lemon oil has photosensitive , so it is best not to use the sun during the day to the skin. After the daytime if subjected to sun exposure can cause pigmentation .

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