Rose oil 玫瑰精油


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Antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-tubercular agent, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, choleretic, cicatrisant, depurative, emmenagogue, haemostatic, hepatic, laxative, regulator of appetite, sedative, stomachic, tonic.

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Chinese name : 玫瑰精油
English name : Rose
Latin name : Rosa centifolia
Place of Origin: Morocco
Extracts: flowers
Extraction Method: Distillation
Rose oil is the world's most expensive oil , known as " oil after ." The main color is red , pink , the earliest starting from Bulgaria, currently France, Turkey , Morocco, Syria, Damascus Jieyou planting , essential oils extracted from the fat and France petals, pale yellow , rarely yields than ,3000 -5000 kgs produce about 1 kg.
With good skin care effect, can fade spots within the custody promote melanin, improve dry skin, restore skin elasticity, so that women have white , healthy and elastic skin , is the most appropriate care for women aromatic oils . Applicable for all skin types , especially mature dry or sensitive , any sensitive skin redness and inflammation . Rose has a strong and contraction of microvascular effects of aging skin rejuvenation excellent effect . Can be applied to a variety of skin , play tight and soothing properties, nourishes the skin, anti-aging
Fragrant , natural aroma into the brain via the olfactory nerve , can stimulate the secretion of the anterior cerebral lobe brain brown brown jig and elimination of two hormones , so that the spirit of showing the most comfortable state, which is the best recipe for the guardian of the soul; heal emotions , frustration, sadness, jealousy and hatred , when boost mood , relieve nervous tension and stress , can make a woman self- generated positive feelings .
Can adjust the female endocrine , nourish the uterus , relieve dysmenorrhea, frigidity and menopausal symptoms improve . Aphrodisiac , tonic , so that the body's physical and mental activity to get a good development ; Cleopatra use as an aphrodisiac scent of roses , it also helps spiritual thinking and pure, roses have been used as medicine for the treatment of pulmonary disease and asthma , to appease the emotional effect has also been demonstrated.

Bedroom : Rose is the bedroom representatives fragrance , remember: if you walked into the bedroom can have a taste of roses accompanied by , your heart must be filled with love, not just love, love , but doting on their own , for others caring for couples in love ...
* Psychological effect: to soothe emotions, particularly depression and sadness, jealousy and hatred of the time. Boost mood , relieve nervous tension and stress. It is obviously very feminine essential oils, make women self- generated positive feelings .
* Anti-aging , skin young Gloss:
The rose oil 5 drops +10 ml jojoba oil ( jojoba oil is a base oil ) mixed shake, put the sun less than a cool place such as a drawer , and then drop out every day from 5 to 8 drops evenly to the face , can make the skin moist , elastic, vibrant skin cells , delay skin aging, make skin look younger and more flexible .
* Whitening :
The rose oil + 2 drops of lemon essential oil 2 drops Neroli essential oil 2 drops + +10 ml of jojoba oil ( jojoba oil is a base oil ) mixed shake , and then drop out every day 5-8 drops evenly in the face, in addition to the above can be achieved aging , keeping skin young and elastic , it also can whiten the skin , so the skin becomes smooth and delicate, you can adjust skin sebum secretion , skin adjusted to a neutral level , making the skin look pale fresh, pleasing.
* Applies to all skin , especially beneficial for mature, dry or sensitive skin hardening . Its tight, soothing properties of inflammation helpful, since it can shrink capillaries , and so is the treatment of small veins rupture magical magic.
* Skin Care: Wash your face every morning , a drop of rose oil drops in warm water, apply the face with a towel by the skin, can delay aging , keep skin healthy and beautiful .
* Skin Massage : put 2 drops of rose oil , 2 drops of sandalwood oil in 5 ml of base oil , a week - twice as facial skin massage , make the skin soft and moist , young and energetic . Such as body massage , you can create a romantic passion, so that the body skin moist and supple , relaxed and soft. Its aroma has aphrodisiac effects ; more can delay aging .
* Rose is an excellent uterine tonic that can calm the symptoms of premenstrual tension , promote vaginal secretion, regulate the menstrual cycle . Infertility , frigidity and impotence quite helpful .
* Activation stagnant blood circulation, reduce heart hyperemia , strengthen capillaries . When depressed, can balance and strengthen the stomach. Antibacterial and laxative function , can purify the digestive tract , but also to improve nausea , vomiting and constipation.
* Menstrual pain: with roses, geraniums all four pieces in a pot of hot water, hot towel soaked for half an hour in the lower abdomen , treat menstrual pain.
Or use 2 drops of rose oil , 2 drops of geranium essential oil , oily drops in 5 ml base in a clockwise direction gently massage the lower abdomen, can relieve menstrual pain .
* Rejuvenation : Rose 2 drops + 2 drops of sweet fennel +10 ML + 2 drops of clove oil base .
* Fade fine lines : Rose 2 drops of geranium 2 drops + + 2 drops of clove +10 ML base oil ( face, eyes can be used ) .
* Improve redness : Rose 2 drops cypress 2 drops + + Chamomile 2 drops +10 ML base oil.
* Fade dark circles : Rose 2 drops of cypress 2 drops + + Chamomile 2 drops +10 ML base oil.
* Drip 5-6 drops of rose in the tub , you can promote blood circulation, hormonal imbalance can be improved , for physiological flow, menopausal hormone secretion has the role of conditioning issues .
* Will add 5 drops of rose oil 5CC of carrier oils , and massage the lower abdomen can ease menstrual pain and menopausal disorders conditioning premenstrual syndrome , can also be used for hormonal imbalance .
* Rose will reconcile good massage oil , massage the face with soft skin , moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect, for aging and dry skin , can effectively conditioning the skin , the skin 's metabolism of lively .
* Romantic Rose fragrant bath : pour a tub of warm water , drip 8-10 rose oil bath in the tub for 15-20 minutes , so that the body can get roses every cell nourishment , nose inhaled the aroma of roses , increase the romance. fun, gather life energy plants. rose after the bath has not put on his clothes , wrapped the body with a towel , still do 10 minutes take a deep breath , relax the body better , can delay life, enhance personal qualities , rose bath can be a week 1-2 times.
* Incense : the use of aromatherapy lamps, or aromatherapy vaporizer , a few drops of rose oil will be added to the water , water heating appliances use aromatherapy , essential oils circulated in the air ;
* Feet : adding hot water in the pot (the water temperature is about 40 ℃) about to ankle height , drip 1-2 drops of essential oil , soaked in water .
Experience with the use of essential oils :
Suitable reconcile with essential oils : bergamot , chamomile , clary sage , geranium , jasmine, lavender , neroli , orange, patchouli , sandalwood . Lavender can lead to fresh sweet smell of roses , chamomile can enhance the effect of calming rose , sandalwood can add another unique woody aroma.
Note: Do not use during pregnancy .

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